Tuesday, January 29, 2013

John Paul Jackson will be Alive in the Final Hour

John Paul Jackson is a Prophet of God in the ministry of Dreams a visions of the future. He had visitation from Jesus and he told him "You will be alive in the Final Hour."

This means that John Paul Jackson will be alive to see the time of the 7 year tribulation the final hour before the end of the world.

This Statement by Jesus in his visitation carry's some implications of a time frame to the final hour of the 7 year tribulation within the lifespan of John Paul Jackson.

John Paul Jackson was born in 1950 because he turned 30 YEARS OLD in 1980 that would make him 61 in 2011. His age makes a time limit of 30 years before the last hour can possibly occur because he would be dead at the age of 90 proving Jesus statement false. 

Jesus statement to John Paul Jackson that he will be alive in the finale hour puts the time of the Tribulation 20-30 years from 2011 around 2030-2040

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