Monday, June 10, 2013

New World Currency The Phoenix by 2018 Paul McGuire

Paul McGuire has reported that the New World Order currency will be attempted by the year 2018. He also addresses the Obama Health care bill as attempt to establish a database for the microchip implant called the class II device.

He has said that Ralph Nader has seen the machinery that will force microchip everyone under the disguise of a national emergency. For sure it will be one that they will let happen.   


  1. How can so many people 'refuse' to believe in God - "our Father" and His Son `Ye`shu`a - "Jesus Christ"..? When the Bible describes everything that is taking place now... accurately, including a detailed description of Satan`s system - the anti-Christ`s image/likeness - the mark and image of the 'beast' - etc - and the most obvious, blatant actions/behaviors of them all... this world-wide-full scale attack against Jesus from the political, religious, media[all forms], educational-systems, and so on... in every shape and form of blasphemy, cursing and denial! Why is "so much" effort and resources being put forth in an attempt to discredit or mock "Him" if they do not believe "He" is real and/or existed to begin with..?! Or at-least... have 'some' half intelligent-awareness to see these things taking place all around them.
    Wow... forgive me... but the sheer bold stubbornness of "so many"!
    Thanks for what you are doing..!
    Keep up the great work, this is powerful - important information... nice site!
    I pray you have many blessings..!


    1. must see on you tube ( Stealing The Torch From Lady Liberty by Perry Stone ) some intel from generals expecting full citys to burn down during American riots due to the coming financial collapse of America. martial law will be implemented and this may contain a chip implant from obama care around the year 2017. they know fully what there doing. they are arming to the teeth to gather people how wont go along with the plan in fema centers. it will be around 2025 hopefully but after they get what they want they will start releasing bio weapons. you should see my other blog


    1. Sorry but the only rapture that takes place before the tribulation is the man child born from the woman on the moon and taken to heaven beginning the 1260 days and 1290 days of the tribulation. If you are not in the man child group of people then you will stay on earth and minister to the lost as every one in the church will serve the lord at the cost of there life because they cannot receive the blessing of protection . But it you have the power and means to escape here on earth then we will survive the tribulation Perls and meet the lord in the air at the last trumpet in the protection from the wrath of god. in simple terms if the lord dos not take us up then there's a reason why and because we still live on earth if we make any mistakes we can be killed and thrown into heaven or hell