Monday, July 22, 2013

666 Calculations

Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Words that calculate to 666
  • Mark of Beast = 666    
  • Bio Implant = 666    
  • RFID Scanner = 666   
  • RFID Body Tag = 666     
  • E-Identity = 666    
  • Digital ID Chip = 666    
  • A Satanic Mark = 666    
  • Sorceries = 666    
  • Witchcraft = 666    
  • Necromancy = 666 
  • Image of Satan = 666    
  • Mondex Chip = 666     
  • Monetary = 666    
  • False Market = 666    
  • Verishield = 666    
  • Monsanto=666     
  • Lustful = 666    
  • Satan's Seal = 666    
  • Satan Cult = 666    
  • Papal State = 666    
  • Vatican Hill = 666 
  • Fatima Miracle = 666    
  • Islamic Lies = 666    
  • Sharia Laws=666    
  • Book of the dead =666   
  • Kissinger = 666    
  • Gray Aliens = 666    
  • End Time Alien = 666
  • People sin =666
  • Computer = 666
  • terminals = 666
  • Calculation = 666
  • S S Number = 666
  • Stubborn = 666
  • Illusion = 666 
  • Lucifer Hell = 666 
  • Lucifer Hades = 666 
  • Devil Sheol = 666 
  • Son of Sin = 666 

Cities and cults
  • New York = 666    
  • Waco Texas = 666     
  • A Branch Davidian = 666     
  • Geneticist = 666    
  • Vaccination = 666 


  1. Devils scale, strength, men murder, old reactor, dark power, identical one, satans place, bitter hell, death number, gold crown, death count, world net, demon keys, is the void, black spirt, white dove, demon tune, loud dragon, darken angels, ready star,

    1. Do you realize these same things add up to 777 in multiples of 7 through the alphabet?

    2. If A=100 B=101 C=102 D=103 and so on counting up by 1 from 100 through the alphabet then the letters in YEHOVAH = 777 but the letters in HITLER = 666

      See many 777 in multiples of 3 on the link above. Just cut and paste the link above into your browser. The thing is that 666 in multiples of 3 are definitively 666 and can never equal 777 and likewise 777 in multiples of 3 are definitively 777 and can never equal 666. Unlike everything that equals 666 in multiples of 6 also equals 777 in multiples of 7 and 888 in multiples of 8 and 999 in multiples of 9. You should know that in multiples of 3 the letters in the words "BIRTH CONTROL PILLS" = 666 and that is definitive and can not also equal 777.

    3. 777 in multiples of 3 has revealed to me that 888 are the words of Cain and Cain is the real Satan and 999 are the words of the Whore of Babylon. 888 in multiples of 6 are definitely 888 unlike 666 in multiples of 6 because anything that equals 666 in multiples of 6 also equals 777 in multiples of 7 and 888 in multiples of 8 and 999 in multiples of 9. 666 are the words of man and the beast is a man. 555 I have learned is the words of demons.

    4. You should know that 666 are relative lies to the pure truth of 777. Man's wisdom adds up to 666 but YEHOVAH's true wisdom adds up to 777.

  2. I thought I was the only one that knew of this other than a website which has disappeared. I have a few more words to add and I will gladly add your list to my own blog with a link.


    2. "SATAN IS EVIL" does not equal 666 in multiples of 6 like you claim it does and you should know that "SATAN'S EVIL" = 888 in multiples of 6 reverse order and 888 are the words of CAIN and CAIN is the real Satan.

  3. Jesus and Lucifer both equal 444.... I just thought that was weird

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    2. hey check out lindsy williams he came out with some new info says the collaps will happen much sooner around the end of 2015 and get wor over the years and others say 2017 will be the big one

    3. According to some literature, Lucifer is a title as opposed to the actual name of The Dark Angel. All of the whole thing is shrouded in mystery because human beings have been endeavoring to hide the truth is all the major religions and in history.

      Anything that is truth is indisputable - like math. There IS compelling evidence about the truth of God, existence, Creation, etc, but most people don't pay it any proper attention.

      So far, what we DO have a reasonable handle on is the science. All of science is based on cause and effect. If existence is the effect, then at the most basic level, that which is God is the cause.

      Of course there is SIGNIFICANTLY more to this, but the totality of truth will never be found in Judaism, Christianity or Islam alone. Additionally, as Christianity is practiced today, it is largely PAGAN in its nature as well.

      444 numerologically is 12. 12 disciples, 12 astrological signs (western), 12 astrological signs (eastern) 144 signs combined (12x12), 12 months of the year, 12 designations on the clock face, 12 gates to the city of New Jerusalem, etc, etc.

      12 numerologically calculates out to be 3. The father, the son, the holy spirit would be the primary trinity. The earthly trinity that ties into that because of Jesus would be Jesus Mary & Joseph. There are the 3 days that Christ was supposed to have been dead and then resurrected - this can't be right because he was supposedly killed on a Friday, and 3 days after Friday is Monday - unless one is INCLUDING Friday as one of the days, but three whole days from any time on Friday is going to be on Monday.

      There is so much more to this, but for now, it is difficult to determine any one thing from 444 being the numerical value of the letters in "JESUS" and LUCIFER respectively.

      FYI: 666 is said to relate to the HEBREW alphabet, and as such it is believed by many that The AntiChrist will bear the name of Maitreya

    4. You should know that the name "JESUS" = 666 in multiples of 9. You should also know that 9 is the number of the Whore of Babylon also. Is it that the Whore of Babylon is saying Jesus is 666? But you should know that "Jesus" is not the true name of the Son of YEHOVAH anyway and it is YESHUWA if you look up the name Joshua in the Hebrew Lexicon of the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the King James Bible. Notice that both the names YEHOVAH and YESHUWA have 7 letters in them and Yahweh only has 6 letters in it. Calculate the name "Jesus" on the calculator at

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