Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Joe Biden Hidden Mark of the Beast Message

 Vice President Joe Biden then Senator Joe Biden was quoted during John Roberts confirmation hearing in 2005 "can a microscopic tag be implanted in a persons body to track his every  movement". He then told John Roberts and the  committee to MARK his words that he would have to rule on this issue before the end of his term as a Supreme Justice.
If Vice President Joe Biden's words were taken as literal  truth the issue of microchip implantation would be an issue for the American people within 30 yeas based on the age of John Robert at 58 in 2013. This would be around the end of his commissions in 2040.

There is also a hidden spiritual agenda that has revealed itself within Vice President Joe Biden's words to set up a MARK of the beast system. He stated  for his words to be MARKED a clear and unmistakable reference to the mark of the beast.

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