Monday, December 30, 2013

Terry L. Cook Beast Tech 666 will you have the Mark?

Terry L. Cook / Thomas R Horn gives vital information concerning the Mark of the Beast system 666 which will is under development at the highest levels of our government.

The Bible states that no man will be able to buy or sell without a “mark in the right hand or forehead.”. This Mark is in the advance stages of development with a wide range of implementations and execution.

Electronic Tattoos / epidermal electronic system / EES can be linked to a universal Wi-Fi system

A National Government Database will be built in 2013 ( Utah Data Center (UDC) ) to record all Global Information in the Yottabytes/ 1 trillion gigabytes at 1000 Terabits a second. This is fast.
The (UDC) will contain surveillance, drones, hand held x-rays, robot insect microphones, cellphones and emails.

The Advanced Surveillance systems secret program prototype in New York will be in operational by the year 2017. This will include facial recognition systems, retina scanners,  infrared sensors, heat sensors and fully automated AI camera detectors that will notify the police.

All this Technology will be fed through a coming national Wi-Fi system to the national database.

This will co inside with a National ID system that will track your movements and business. 

There will be an erosion of privacy, property rights, due processes, and free speech to ease the transition into a totalitarian technological dictatorship.   

Biochip -RFID Technology is currently being used for medical information of people, cattle and wild life monitorization and may soon be a requirement for Obama care past 2017.
GPS Tracking of highly advanced cellphones will be available for homeland security.

Black box electronic readers are being implemented in all new cars that will monitor you as you drive.

New Electronic camera / microphones will be installed in all computers, phones, Tvs, meters, appliances and video game consoles. 


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  2. Beast Tech was a great book filled with fascinating information on the Mark of the Beast system technology coming together and how it points to Jesus Christ rapture of his church which will save you from it.Peace and God bless you all.